Reduction of Hours & Salary


“I am a permanent employee since 2007 and my working hours are 8 hours per day, 5 days a week. If the company wants to reduce my daily hours to half day but my job load has increased, can they then also reduce my salary?”


T hey (the company) have to obviously explain how they get to it and they will have to explain how they will be able to reply to you in this regard to summarily reduce your hours while your work remain the same or even increase. My recommendation is that you keep a close diary of all the work that you received previously (before they cut your salary) and then a close diary or record of the work you receive afterwards(after the change).

In case they want to cut your salary in half, after reducing your hours, they have to proof that your production decreased based on the number of hours you put in, accordingly. If your work remains the same or increase, they are busy with breach of contract. However, it may also be a problem to just reduce your hours and not your salary. They will have to explain this very carefully to a Commissioner at the CCMA in case you file for an alleged unfair labour practice where they summarily reduce and cut your hours. However, they may argue that it is that or your job that may be lost due to retrenchment. So, I will say keep a record and ask questions or send a letter to them asking to explain what transpired and how they arrived at the above. Then at least you have something in writing before you can start to tackle and resolve the problem.

P.s. There can be many answers which may also be correct but this relates to the specific query.


The theoretical answer may be different in the sense that one can refer to the Basic Conditions of Employment Act which specifically states that: