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The decision that every company should take is whether to have a Human Resources Policies and Procedures Manual or work without it? A Human Resource Manual sets out employment practices with particular emphasis on regulatory requirements and statutory compliance within a company aligned with contracts,policies and procedures.

In the Employment Equity Act a comprehensive examination of an organisation’s policies and practices is to identify and permit removal of systemic and attitudinal barriers to employment opportunities for persons in the designated groups. A comprehensive and thorough employment systems review goes beyond a desk audit of a human resources manual. It not only helps in identifying systemic barriers to the designated groups but also enables an organisation to institute or formalize non-discriminatory policies and practices. By building on the values of fairness and merit, a good employment systems review will contribute to better management of human resources in a diversified workforce. More contemporary approaches towards employment systems reviews tends to focus on the adoption of best practices which are aligned to the organisation’s strategic objectives.

However, some smallemployers do not even have a basic manual to rely on. You are now able to purchase a comprehensive manual with all the required basic documentation, contracts and policies, once you haveit in place,it can be further developed.

Contents of such a manual includes the following:

Job descriptions; Exit Interview; Letter of Resignation;  Payroll Deduction Form; Performance Management; Recruitment Policy (Short Version); Preferential employment; Procedures for the filling of vacancies internally; Recruitment Authorisation Form; Recruitment Policy (Long); Certificate of Service; Internal Vacancy Application Form; Employee Personal Details Form; Declaration of THE COMPANY as sole employer;. Terms and Conditions of Employment; Email and Electronic Communications Policy; Leave Application Form;  Annual Leave Policy;  Public Holidays Policy;  Unpaid Leave;  Family Responsibility and Compassionate Leave;  Paternity Leave;  Maternity Leave;  Sick Leave Policy;  Overtime Policy and Exemptions;  Smoking Policy;  Sample Emergency Instructions (Fire Hazard);  Sexual Harassment Policy;  Study Leave Policy;  Aids Policy;.  Employee Consent to Work on Public Holidays, Night Shift, Sundays and Overtime (and Renewal Consent form); Employee Educational Assistance Policy; Employee Assistance Policy and Employee Laptop Policy and many more.

Part Content
1. Content form




Policy request form

1.3 Employee Handbook



Human Resources Audit


1.6 Business Policy
2. Employment Policies and Procedures
2.1. Application employment
2.2. Interview guidelines
2.3. Applicant interview
2.4. Applicant Standard Letters
2.5. Employee Consent Form
2.6. Background checklist
2.7. Driver’s license checklist
2.8. Consent to drug test
2.10. Tracking Applicants
2.11. Personal Reference Check
2.12. Reference Check Control Sheet
2.13. Employee Orientation Checklist
2.14. Independent Contractor Checklist
2.15. Contract of Employment (Permanent)
2.16. Contract of Employment Fixed Term by Time
2.17. Contract of Employment Fixed Term by Purpose
2.18. Contract of Employment Domestic Employee
2.19. Job descriptions
2.20. Exit Interview
2.21. Letter of Resignation
2.22. Payroll Deduction Form
2.23. Performance Management
2.24 Recruitment Policy (Short Version)
2.24.1 Preferential employment
2.24.2 Procedures for the filling of vacancies internally
2.25 Recruitment Authorisation Form
2.26 Recruitment Policy (Long)
2.27 Certificate of Service
2.28 Internal Vacancy Application Form
2.29 Employee Personal Details Form
2.30 Declaration of THE COMPANY as sole employer
3. Terms and Conditions of Employment
3.1. Email and Electronic Communications Policy
3.2. Leave Application Form
3.3. Annual Leave Policy
3.4. Public Holidays Policy
3.5. Unpaid Leave
3.6. Family Responsibility and Compassionate Leave
3.7. Paternity Leave
3.8. Maternity Leave
3.9. Sick Leave Policy
3.10. Overtime Policy and Exemptions
3.11. Smoking Policy
3.12. Sample Emergency Instructions (Fire Hazard)
3.13. Sexual Harassment Policy
3.14. Study Leave Policy
3.15. Aids Policy
3.16. Employee Consent to Work on Public Holidays, Night Shift, Sundays and Overtime (and Renewal Consent form)
3.17 Employee Educational Assistance Policy
3.18 Employee Assistance Policy
3.19 Employee Laptop Policy
4. Human Resource admin
4.1. Record-Keeping
4.2. Pro Forma Travel Policy
4.3 Flexi-Time Policy
4.4 Bursary Agreement
4.5 Restraint of Trade
4.6 Secrecy and Confidentiality Undertaking
4.7 Relocation Assistance Policy
4.8 Company Sponsored Events Policy
4.9 Conflict of Interest Policy
4.10 Termination Checklist
4.11 Locker Policy
4.12 Loan Policy
4.13 Long Service Policy
4.14 Telephone Usage Policy
4.15 Employee Study Assistance Policy
5. Discipline and Dismissal
5.1. Discussion Summary Sheets for Performance and Conduct
5.2. Fair Decision Guides for Poor Work Performance or Misconduct Hearings
5.3. Disciplinary Code of Conduct
5.4. Disciplinary Policy & Procedure
5.5. Disciplinary Forms
5.6. Telegrammes for Absenteeism
5.7 Procedures for Employee Incapacity
5.8 Disciplinary Procedures for Small Businesses
6. Grievance Procedures
6.1. Grievance Policy and Procedure
6.2. Grievance Forms

DISCLAIMER: No information contained in this constitutes legal advice and any person relying on the same does so at his or her own risk.


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